Actor Park Yong Ha commits suicide

1 Jul

Korean actor and singer Park Yong Ha (32) was found dead in Seoul Nonhyundong on the 30th (KST), hanging lifeless from a camcorder-charging cable at his own house.

According to police, Park Yong Ha was discovered dead at around 5:30 AM by his mother. The cause of death is likely suicide, but further details are still under wraps. Although this news was just announced, ‘Park Yong Ha’ immediately took the number one spot on Naver and other search engines across Korea. His body is now resting at Seoul St. Mary’s hospital.

It’s been reported that Mr. Park was seen walking to his room after massaging his father’s legs and back at around 0:40am. Park Yong Ha was repeatedly saying “I am sorry” to his family and his father, who is suffering from terminal stomach cancer.

Park Yong Ha is well-known for his roles in many hit dramas, including Winter Sonata, Men’s Story and On Air. Beside his successful drama career, Park Yong Ha is also quite famous in Japan as well, with several Japanese single albums. He was also set to play the lead role in Love Song, an upcoming Korean drama adaptation of the Chinese movie, Comrades: Almost a Love Story (甜蜜蜜) alongside Yoon Eun Hye.

It’s a tragedy to lose such a talented actor so early in his life; our condolences go out to Park Yong Ha’s family. His funeral procession will take place on July 2nd.

cre: allkpop

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