Family, friends and fans send Park Yong Ha off on his last journey

2 Jul

It has been an agonizing past few days for those who knew Park Yong Ha in one way or another. On July 2nd, most of them gathered together to send him off on his last journey after he commited suicide two days ago.

At about 6 this morning, the funeral procession for Park Yong Ha was held at Seoul’s St. Mary Hospital and among them was his ill father, who couldn’t help but wail in grief when the procession started, leaving everyone in further sorrow.

Park Yong Ha’s best friend, So Ji Sub who has not left the hospital since the tragedy, held his portrait and fronted the procession while fans numbering 200 from Korea, Japan, etc started murmuring, “He is smiling so cheerfully…” before getting teary.

After leaving Seoul’s St. Mary Hospital, the funeral procession then made its rounds past the three major tv stations, SBS, MBC and KBS and Park Yong Ha’s home before arriving at a crematorium in Seongnam to be cremated. Therafter, Park Yong Ha’s ashes will be laid to rest at Bundang Memorial Park.

Rest in peace, Park Yong Ha, you will not be forgotten.

cre: allkpop,K Bites

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