Poseidon’s Production is Delayed

7 Apr

Production for the drama ‘Posiedon’ has been delayed once again, and certain lead members of the cast have announced their exit from the show.

The show began filming in later December, but due to weather problems and the Yeonpyeong incident, filming was halted. The show’s broadcaster SBS has been considering broadcasting the show in mid-May, however the broadcast schedule for that period is unstable which has caused further disruptions to Poseidon’s production.

Towards the end of last year, approximately 20% of the show’s storyline was filmed, but since the recent production disruptions, Kim Kang Woo and Kim Ok Bin have announced their exit from the show.

An official for Eric Moon, who also stars in the drama, said:
‘The filming that was scheduled to resume in March had been delayed again, thus leads to a frustrating condition. We don’t know what is happening now neither when we’re going to continue the filming. For now we’ll be waiting for the production notification first.’

An official for the drama has also stated:
‘We’ve delayed to resume filming in March it’s true. Currently we’re in the middle of organising shooting schedule in April and also schedule to retake some filming scenes. The drama is not yet collapsed now. We’re also in negotiation to cast new actors and re-organize the drama’s scripts.’

An representative of TVXQ’s Yunho, who is set to star in the drama, said that no decision has been made for Yunho to leave the production.

‘Poseidon’ was originally scheduled for broadcast in May following the end of the currently broadcasting ‘Midas’.

tip: evil4life
source and image: nocutnews.co.kr via Sharingyoochun.net

via: Gokpop

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