Yang Hyun Suk hints at Big Bang’s future direction in music

9 Apr

Amidst the news of the Big Bang members extending their contracts with YG Entertainment for another 5 years, it has also been revealed that the group and the company discussed and settled upon new agreements.

Big Bang is expected to embark on a new path in the music industry to gain recognition as artists rather than just idols. In order to strip away from the typical idol image that is prevalent in the K-pop scene today, Big Bang will be launching a more advanced music style.

Through a recent phone call with OSEN, Yang Hyun Suk revealed, “[The] Big Bang members have extended their contracts to another 5 years, and they will be creating a different music style. The members have promised to work even harder in order to be recognized as artists rather than idols.”

Big Bang already stands prominently in terms of high-quality music and impressive stage presence, so many fans are highly anticipative of what the group will be bringing to the table.

Source: OSEN via Nate

Credit to Allkpop

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