2PM got No.1 on Yusen charts

16 Apr

2PM’s Japan debut single “Take Off” got No.1 on April 13rd’s Yusen J-Pop chart. It’s first-ever for K-Pop artists to get No.1 on this chart.

This single “Take Off” is an upper tune with the positive lyrics. It fits the boys’ Japan debut perfectly. Listener had been waiting for their Japanese debut single and since the quality of the track is great, many listeners requested for this song on Yusen.

And, “Take Off” also got No.1 on April 14th’s daily chart on Uta net mobile. “Take Off” will be an ending song for MBS/TBS anime [Ao no exorcist] from April 17th. On the same day, the ringtone will be released. It will be a exciting start of their Japan promotion.

In addition, for those who download 7 types of this track will get special photo of 2PM, and some will be invited to back stage on May12th’s concert.

[Omitted Take Off info]

Source: BARK | Jpn-Eng: sakiHa @2pmalways

Credit to dkpopnews

Shared by soeulmatekoreanaddicts.wordpress.com


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