After School 1st official album comeback, anticipating Yiyoung’s participation

16 Apr

After School is combining the emotional “That Man” lyricist Won Taeyeon with Japan’s best dance songs composer Daishi Dance for their new comeback song.

It is After-School’s first official album since their debut in 2009 January. It had been nearly a year since their release of their last album ‘Bang!’ and the public has high expectations for their comeback.

After School’s company Mr Han said: “This album will be targeted to the public and it will showcase once again After-School’s unique colors and to show their special trump card, the members had worked really hard to prepare for it. Please anticipate it.”

In addition, After School’s new member Yiyoung will be joining the comeback which led to higher expectations. Yiyoung, who had made a hot debut through a year-end music ceremony in 2010 had made many people anticipate her debut.

Netizens have comments, “Looking forward to see what kinds of performance they will put up for this comeback”, “I want to see the members on stage once again soon!” showing the explosive anticipation for the upcoming official album.

Credit + translation: energywenkahi

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