Block B’s Zico stuns netizens with his freestyle rapping

16 Apr

Having made a successful debut on yesterday’s episode of “Music Bank“, Block B’s Zico is quickly starting to stand out as one of the most hotly discussed celebrities on Korea’s online community boards.

A fancam from Block B’s “Lotte” showcase earlier this month reveals Zico’s stunning freestyle ability, which was supported by maknae P.O.’s beatboxing and Kyung. Many K-pop fans already knew that back in the day, he had promoted underground with other big names from the scene, but this latest video truly shines a light on Zico’s abilities.

When asked about his swag on his personal Twitter, Zico replied, “‘Freeze‘ is idol style so it’s a bit of a reach! But for ‘Wanna B‘!!!”

Zico also responded to a photo uploaded by U-Kwon of the group’s fanmade debut cake. He wrote, “End of first broadcast…!!! Thank you for the cake. A lot of people seem to be misunderstanding me to be mad because of my facial expressions… but my expressions are always usually like that TT I request your understanding.”

Be sure to check out his pre-debut mixtapes as well, like his “Billionaire” cover.

Source + Photos: Korea Economy, @zico92, @u_kwon

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Credit to Allkpop

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