Spread Leg Dance: Signature move + Petition

17 Apr

4Minute’s fans and netizens put on a campaign in favor of their unique and eye-catching
spread leg dance routine.

On April 12th,netizens created a petition online via Daum’s Agora portal to make Korean’s big three broadcasting channels reconsider the ban they put on 4Minute’s spread leg moves.

Netizens’s goal to reach for the petition is 3000 signatures by May 31 and they reached
(68 signatures when the article was posted ) 123 signatures at the moment .

The petition is garnering great interest as many netizens have been tired of broadcasting channels ban.

They declared :

“Why in the world is the spread leg dance banned when we allow artists to spread their
arms to a wider angle? What is the reason behind that?”

They even went as far as to calculate the moves angles.

“As you can see in these pictures : The movements are captured perfectly to show how the spread leg
dance routine and the spread arm moves are similar in essence.As both moves need
to be executed perfectly to a wide angle:

Spread arm move: 90° angle Spread leg move : 82° angle

When you try to analyze the moves you would be able to see that there is a 82° angle in each leg,which
means that the spread leg move when executed got a 164° angle.

On the other hand,the spread arm move when executed got a 90° angle per arm.Which means that
when you add both sides,you end up with a 180° angle.You can therefore see that the spread arm move is wider than the spread leg move.

They also expressed their anger and disappointement over KBS’ decision of banning performances which
they see as an infringement to their freedom of watching their favorite artists perform after such a long time.

They commented :

“4Minute’s spread leg dance routine is the highlight of the choreography.I wonder how
did KBS come with that kind of reasoning as to go so far as to ban the choreography.How can that be?This
violates our viewers right to watch what we want when we want!”

Netizens also stated that it was unfair to the viewers that broadcasting channels and KBS in particular
choose to ban these moves using younger audiences as an excuse:


“To younger audiences,the spread leg move won’t be as any different as the spread arm move,they
came up with an easy excuse to put an end to the polemics without considering us viewers in the first place.”

Meanwhile,4Minute has been sweeping music charts with their latest singles “Mirror Mirror” and “Heart To Heart” which have been topping the charts.They also managed to be tough competitors to idol group Big Bang and even surpassed them on music charts.

They introduced the now popular “Spread Leg Dance” and received a hot response from netizens with their charismatic performances.

They dance routine was tagged as “scandalous” by netizens who were amazed by 4Minute’s ability to show off multiple facets of themselves through their releases.

Source: Sport Chosun +Agora+Newsen for the picture
Translating+Editing+Reporting: Yoobin @4-Minute.com
Special thanks to cmrs14 for the tip

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