Lee Yong Dae’s ideal woman is not f(x)’s Sulli, but SNSD’s YoonA

26 Apr

On last week’s episode of MBC’s “We Got Married“, athlete Lee Yong Dae was said to have chosen f(x)’s Sulli as his ideal girl. Contrary to what viewers thought, however, his ideal woman actually turned out to be SNSD’s YoonA.

In his interview with TV Report on April 25th, he revealed, “I actually like YoonA. I fell in love with her feminine and innocent looks, as well as her aegyo-filled yet tomboyish personality – all of which are qualities that I look for in the woman of my dreams.”

When asked about meeting Sulli, he replied, “I was always her fan, so I was lucky to have had met her. She’s such a nice and bright person, so I had a lot of fun recording with her. I think of it as an honor.”

When asked about a possible fixed appearance on the show, he concluded, “There’s nothing decided yet. I think I’d consider it if I receive the offer. As long as it doesn’t affect my schedule, I’d love to be a fixed member of the show.”

Source: TV Report via Nate

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