SS501’s Kim Kyujong becomes ambassador for Heart Heart Foundation

26 Apr

After being appointed as the ambassador for “Heart Heart Foundation,” SS501’s Kim Kyujong has begun his charity activities. He took up the appointment as ambassador in order to actively return the love he receives from his fans. Last winter, he volunteered at an animal shelter with Lee Hyori and fellow group member Heo Youngsaeng.

Kyujong has been busy lately after being cast for the main role of Crown Prince Lee Shin in the “Goong” musical, replacing TVXQ’s Yunho. He is also featured in group member Heo Youngsaeng’s solo debut album.

With regard to his volunteer work, Kyujong commented, “I didn’t do it because I used to think that since I’m a public figure, it is an embarrassment to be recognized. It is always weighing on my mind, and now that I have the chance to take part to be the ambassador of ‘Heart Heart Foundation,’ I am really excited and will be participating actively on the sharing/charity activities.” He hopes that fans will also participate.

Under the “Warm Meals” campaign, he will be preparing food for undernourished children. He will also be participating in the “Heart Heart Orchestra,” which will be made up for developmental disabled youth. In addition, he will be providing support to other poor countries, and fans will be able to participate in other charity works with the foundation.

Source: Quainte via Koreaboo (photo: cre as tag)

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