Park Min Young is a ‘CF Queen’ with “KDB Life”

6 May

Actress Park Min Young has cemented her position as ‘CF Queen’ with her latest endorsement deal for “KDB Life“, an insurance finance brand.

Their latest CF features the actress playing out her “City Hunter” role, ‘Kim Nana’, ahead of the drama’s pilot episode. As reported earlier, the star went through months of martial arts training for the role, which she put to full use for the shoot. An on-set martial arts director praised, “I didn’t even expect for her to act out such impressive action scenes like this.”

Representatives of “KDB Life” commented, “Trust is one of the most important attributes of the insurance industry, which Park Min Young provides. In order to give life to our new brand, we felt that she was the perfect fit. Her positive and wholesome image for ‘City Hunter’ is exactly what we were looking for, so we’re anticipating the effect she’ll be bringing for our brand.”

One Response to “Park Min Young is a ‘CF Queen’ with “KDB Life””

  1. fatemeh June 29 2011 at 17:46 #

    too beautiful

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