Jung Il Woo talks about ‘49 Days’ coming to an end

20 May

Jung Il Woo recently commented on the end of his drama, ”49 Days“.

On May 19th, the actor tweeted, “Everyone, thank you for having loved ‘49 Days’ so much! I hope you enjoy the last episode” and uploaded a special video clip.

In the special clip, Jung Il Woo starts off his short speech by saying,

“Hello everyone. This is Jung Il Woo. The filming of ‘49 Days’ has finally ended. I was very happy and had a lot of fun while acting as scheduler ‘Song Yi Soo’. This will be an unforgettable work as I’ve received love from so many people. It was a very precious drama for me, and the actors whom I worked alongside with were very good; I thank the director and writer as well.”

He added,

“I think this character will stay with me for awhile. I’m very sad that it has ended and I’ll try my best to meet you all again in another good work very soon.

Thank you for having loved ‘49 Days’. I love you all.”

“49 Days” ended its run on May 19th.

Source: Star News via Nate
Cre: Allkpop

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