Lee Da Hae receives an IV treatment

19 Jun

On June 19th, it was revealed that actress Lee Da Hae received treatment at a hospital for exhaustion.

Ever since May, Lee Da Hae had been running on a full schedule in order to keep up with the filming for “Miss Ripley“, often working day in and day out without rest. It seems the fatigue finally caught up to her, as she visited a hospital on the afternoon of the 18th to receive an IV treatment.

A representative of her agency revealed, “Her doctor said that a week of rest was required for her to get better, but Lee Da Hae is passionate about the drama. She was discharged right away and returned to the film set immediately.”

Lee Da Hae later tweeted, “I’m okay! I wasn’t getting enough sleep so I got an IV treatment and slept a bit. I feel a lot better now! Thank you so much for worrying over me! I’m filming today! I’ll work hard, aja aja!”

Source + Photos: E Daily via Naver
credit: Allkpop

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