The many looks of Lee Da Hae in “Miss Ripley”

19 Jun

Lee Da Hae is mixing up her wardrobe for her new femme fatale character on MBC’s “Miss Ripley“.

The actress is the female lead for the drama and is gaining attention for her appearance in up to 100 scenes in each episode. Her transitions between angelic and demonic personalities are also noticeable, and resemble the contrasting characters of Jekyll and Hyde.

Her wardrobe in the drama reportedly is like a fashion show collection, as the actress appears in many scenes and has to show her changing personalities with her clothes.

In “Miss Ripley”, Lee Da Hae’s character uses Kim Seung Yoo and Yoochun’s characters for her personal gain, wearing fairly provocative clothes to achieve these goals. She has donned outfits like a sexy mini dress, which emphasized her body line. Because she appears in so many scenes, the actress has to switch her outfit around ten times per episode. Her stylist coordinates each outfit after Lee Da Hae has received the script and discussed her character at length with her.

A representative for DBM Entertainment commented on the actress’s dedication to her character, saying, “Lee Dae Hae even went to a shop in Dongdaemun where women who work in bars tend to shop. She bought her red wig and revealing outfits there that she has worn for the beginning scenes in the drama, where she worked in a bar in Japan.”

Source: Naver
credit: Allkpop

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