AKB48 Blog Posts About Girls Generation

20 Jun

After members of Japanese girl group AKB48 went to see Girls’ Generation in concert in Tokyo on June 18th, AKB48 member Matsubara Natsumi blogged about how good the girls were. Other AKB48 members who were with Matsubara at the concert have also posted their thoughts about Girls’ Generation on their individual blogs, and you can read the translations below.

Komori Mika

Good evening ・ω・

Today, I was allowed

to go watch Girls’ Generation’s


It was amazing(*´∀`*)!!!

I’m addicted!

Everyone is way too cute!

Plus their style is good,

their figures are tall and slender,

they also sing well too;

it was so exciting♪


Mi-chan and Cole (TL note: She’s referencing to herself in third person, and mentions someone else as well.)

we did our best ・ω・♪ww

It was a lot of funーー!

I was able to

study a lot of things!

I want to go watch it again (*´∀`*)♪

I reeally admire Girls’ Generation ´ー`*shine*

Everyone was really cuteーー!





amazing~ \(^o^)/


Nonaka Misato

This evening, Team O g i,
these 8 people
were allowed to go to Girls’ Generation’s LIVE♪

There performance was really wonderful (:_!

Everyone’s style was perfect, they were cute, good at singing, and their skilled at dancing too (>__<)

I want to go to a lot of your LIVE ★


Kikuchi Ayaka

I went to Girls' Generation's live!


I seriously learned a WHOLE lot of things.

Though, as expected before all else, they were especially skilled at dancing.

I recieved a shock at how amazingly beautiful their style is. (´;ω;`)


I was overwhelmed (laughing)(crying)

Abababababaaaaa (TL note: This is a sound indicating she's halfway in between crying and laughing.)

I've gotten a bit fatter~

I've got to slim down more~

I've want to become prettier

I've got to improve myself more

I've got to try harder

I really felt a lot of different emotions~ <3<3

The shock was really huge.

It was also really pretty when they danced together.
I was so so so moved.

I was happy to go to Girls' Generation's live, whom I really really love.

I want to go again.


Ota Aika


Good evening.★

This is Rabu-tan. (Love)

Today I went to see Girls’ Generation’s concert~w(°O°)w

They were super cute (。・ω・。)

I was moved

It was fun

I love Girls’ Generation-san

When all 9 members performed together I was moved. +。(*′∇`)。+゜

I thought that Watarirouka also has to work hard (>_<)

Because I learned a lot, I will make use of it next time (^・ェ・)

Next time I'll go to more concerts of artists and idols to learn from them and get myself motivated. (-ω-)

I want to have slender legs (。・ω・。)

Tomorrow we'll have a handshake event at Makuhari Messe.

I'm wondering about what I should wear.

Bye bye bye (*)ノ


Nakagawa Haruka

I’ll keep working hard too! Haru-gon blog (^ε^)-☆Chu!!

Good evening ヾ(=^▽^ノ

Today we all went to watch Girls’ Generation’s live performance!!!

I learned a lot!

About dancing, singing and the way of displaying yourself…

In order to be able to have a lovely performance like Girls’ Generation I’ll keep working hard!

I really thought of going again!!!

I also want to go again!

I need to improve in a lot of areas for people to say that to me. (><)

Everyone was really cute (o^∀^o)

And their faces were small
and they have great style!

I’ll also do my best dieting ↑↑

So everyone tomorrow is the handshake event

Please don’t be late and come (^_-)

I’ll be waiting


Hirajima Natsumi

I got shivers!! ∩(^∀^*) Nacchan

Today I went to Girls’ Generation’s Japan first tour.

From the opening already their aura was amazing, and I got goosebumps

They really shined.

In a flash the 3 hours were over!

After the performance when they greeted us they said they knew AKB and it made me happy.

We also want to have such a lovely performance like Girls’ Generation.


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Translated by: Kkabbekky@soshified.com, SeraphK@soshified.com
Written by: residentbenchwarmer@soshified.com
cr: DKP

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