2NE1’s MV Release Gets Postponed + Comeback Stage Details

23 Jun

2NE1’s MV for “I Am The Best” will be delayed for a couple of days according to YG

YG mentioned that 2NE1 will still have its comeback stage on Inkigayo and that the agency was given 10 minutes for it but they respectfully decided to only sing one song since they want to focus on just one track and present a perfect performance for “I Am The Best.”

They hoped to release the MV at the same time of the digital single on June 24th but now the video will be delayed for 2 or 3 days.

The reason for this is that since they wanted to present a better video from the ones they released before. The cost for this MV doubles their previous investments, and therefore the set and preparations are more extensive than expected and will require more time to edit the scenes.

2NE1 apologized to fans for this unexpected delay and thanked them for their anticipation for the MV.

It looks like YG has decided to make an amazing comeback and show the best side of the band to the public. It is sad that we will have to wait another couple of days, however the final result will be something we can not even imagine.

source: YG-Life
translation: solangelvp @ gokpop
credit: Gokpop.com

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