Kim Heechul, Sweats over the translation of Shayne’s words. “I’m sweating because it’s summer”.

23 Jun

Group Super Junior’s Kim Heechul caused laughter as he struggled to translate what the Canadian Shayne was trying to say.

On the episode of MBC ‘Golden Fishery – Radio Star’ which aired on 22nd, star audition ‘Great Birth’s Baek Chunggang, Lee Taegwon, Shayne and David Oh appeared.

This day, Kim Heechul tried hard to listen and understand what Shayne was saying in English.

Kim Heechul heard Shayne say ‘The reason why I auditioned for ‘Great Birth’ was because I saw Taeyoung’s MV for ‘Wedding Dress’ on Youtube, and started to take interest in K-pop.’, so Kim Heechul translated as ‘He fell in love with Taeyoung’s ‘Wedding Dress’ and tried out’.

To this, Yoon Jongshin asked Kim Heechul why he was sweating so much and Kim Heechul wittily answered, ” I don’t know why it’s so hot. I think it is summer now. I should go on a vacation’,

Source: cnews
Translated by Jee (

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