ZE:A Hyungshik rescued by his manager and Dongjun after falling into the sea

23 Jun

According to ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire, member Hyungshik fell over a guard railing on a yacht during the jacket photoshoot of the group’s upcoming album. The shoot took place at the southernmost island on Jeju. Hyunshik was leaning on the rail when he slipped and fell into the sea below.

An official from the agency said, “We didn’t think it was a serious situation at first, but we realized he wasn’t able to get out of the water and the waves almost swept him away so his manager and member Kim Dongjun jumped in and saved him.”

“We hadn’t taken him to the hospital yesterday because he said he was okay except for being in a bit of shock but we’re going to take him as a precautionary measure.”

Due to this situation, the official stated that ZE:A’s release date for their upcoming album will most likely be delayed from July 8th so that a medical exam on Hyungshik can be performed.

ZE:A will be returning this summer with a special summer single titled “WATCH OUT.”

Source: 10Asia
cr: Koreaboo

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