Celebrities share birthdays wishes with UNICEF

24 Jun

Sung Yuri, Kim Bum, Park Minyoung, Lee Chungah, and Lee Kwangsu, amongst many other actors, have joined the global effort to help less fortunate children through UNICEF. The actors and actresses, in partnership with King Kong Entertainment, participated in UNICEF’s Birthday Donation campaign in April and shared their warm wishes with the public.

On their respective birthdays, the celebrities chose to not receive their usual gifts from their friends and family. Instead, they asked for monetary donations to contribute to the global initiative.

Sung Yuri’s message states “Please spread the love *^-^*”, while Kim Bum’s reads “A love that becomes as strong as a ship”.

King Kong Entertainment stated on June 22nd, “By participating in the birthday donation campaign, we were able to help children all over the world. It was a rewarding experience to support a cause with a deep meaning and the artists attended with pleasure and happy hearts. We hope that we were able to share our birthdays with many and convey our warmest wishes. ”

Would you like to give through your birthday as well?

Source: Star Today and unicefMedia via Koreaboo

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