Bada and Gil thank each other for their successful collaboration

7 Jul

Bada of old-school idol group S.E.S. thanked Leessang’s Gil for a successful collaboration.

She posted, “I always thought Gil looked like a stubborn rapper… Gil! I think of his name once again. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gary too~ late at night I’m listening to a fast version ofThe Song Only I Can Sing.’”

The two recently got together for a duet contest on ‘Infinity Challenge‘, and shared painful memories from their pasts in order to write their song “The Song Only I Can Sing”. They appropriately named their duo “Ocean Road“, since Bada means ‘Ocean’ and Gil means ‘Road’ in Korean.

Bada went on to say, “Oh Gil and Gary, I’m just thankful for everything~! Let’s collaborate again~ Since people like it~ It makes me happy~~<3.”

Gil also had some nice things to say about Bada, “Today, ‘The Song Only I Can Sing’ released its dance version. I personally like this track better. This song makes me think of legendary fairy group S.E.S. Bada is an amazing vocalist… Thank you Bada~.”

Source + Photo: Nate

Cre: Allkpop

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