Birdie Buddy to air Monday-Tuesdays on tvN

7 Jul

Birdie Buddy is finally going on the air. Again. After being pulled. Again. Let’s hope it sticks this time.

It’ll be taking up the Monday-Tuesday slot on cable channel tvN, which makes it tvN’s third foray into prime-time programming (following Manny and the currently airing romantic comedy, I Need Romance). It had been announced previously that tvN would pick it up, but then was dropped — and is now back.

The interesting thing is that the drama was produced (100% pre-broadcast) as a 20-episode drama, but the cable switch means that the timeslot is shorter. So the episodes will be re-edited into 24 shorter episodes, down from 70 minutes to 45 minutes each. I’m a fan of shorter episodes in general, but not necessarily time-dictated re-edits — because the drama was written and produced with a certain rhythm in mind. They’re meant to end at a certain narrative point, and unless you’re very, very clever (24 times over), you’ll lose the careful build-up built into the storytelling.

And we know that mere minutes can make a huge difference as to whether a cliffhanger is effective or not — just take a look at City Hunter, which went from spoiling its own tense climaxes to driving us mad with anxiety for the next episode. Or Miss Ripley, where the editors seem not to understand the point of cliffhangers at all and seemingly just cut out in the middle of a random scene. (Seriously, what’s up with that, Ripley?)

Brief history of the much-troubled Group Eight golf trendy: Birdie Buddy initially cast Seo Ji-hye, who dropped out, and Lee Mi-sook, who dropped out. UEE was brought in, the drama was intended to air last summer, which didn’t happen, and then supposedly scheduled for March of this year, which didn’t happen. After being shelved for nearly a year, it’ll finally get to see the light of day. The funny thing is, the drama actually looks pretty decent; you can see the extended 20-minute trailer on Dramafever.

Meanwhile, UEE has already been cast in her next drama, the KBS weekend series Ojakgyo Brothers (formerly Golden Pond), which is slated for an August 6 premiere. That means she’ll be celebrating the end of her “drama curse” by pulling double-duty, with two dramas airing at the same time, although not on the same day — she’ll be on TV four days of the week, from Saturday through Tuesday.

Birdie Buddy’s premiere is set for August 15.

Via Joy News

cre: Dramabeans

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