Extension nixed for Miss Ripley

7 Jul

MBC has decided to forget the potential 4-episode extension for Miss Ripley, meaning it’ll end with its originally planned 16 episodes.

The reason given for the decision was that the actors’ schedules wouldn’t allow for an extension. The production rep stated that Lee Da-hae has activities planned in China soon after the drama wraps (assuming a 16-episode schedule), and that Yoochun is physically exhausted after his JYJ world tour and drama shoots. (It was also his tight JYJ schedule that helped prevent a Sungkyunkwan Scandal extension last year, thankfully.)

Well, that’s a relief. Not because I don’t think the story couldn’t have sustained 20 episodes, ’cause I think it could have — but only if it had been planned that way at the start. Or at least been given more time to work in additional storylines. At 12 episodes in, adding time would merely be stretching out the next four episodes into eight instead, and I was NOT looking forward to that. Especially since Miss Ripley is a drama whose pacing relies on calculated buildups of suspense.

Plus, we can’t forget that the ending was foreshadowed in the first episode, so it’s not like you could just hijack the direction and end it differently than it had been set up to be. Well, you could, but that would be throwing logic out the window, and why do that? Other than for the sadly all-too-familiar reasoning that seems to say, Because we can, silly.

Therefore, sageuk series Kye Baek will follow Miss Ripley with a late July premiere, rather than August.

Via TV Report

via Dramabeans

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