IU to cut down on her variety appearances

7 Jul

The ‘nation’s little sister’ is gaining oodles of popularity for her vibrant, fresh image as well as for her charming personality. However, with fame comes misfortune, and so IU has been recently getting some flak and anti-fans for her numerous appearances on almost every variety show on the market.

In response to this, LOEN Entertainment issued a statement that the young star will be cutting down on her variety roles to focus on her singing instead.

“Apart from SBS’s ‘Kiss and Cry‘ and ‘Inkigayo‘, we have no set schedule for variety show appearances in the future,” said a representative for LOEN. “We’re getting many offers for dramas and movies, but we have turned them all down.”

IU will instead be putting all of her energy into her new album. “The reason why IU was able to receive so much love was because of her singing. Therefore, our strategy is to be true to her roots as a singer, and then focus on acting or MCing,” said LOEN.

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

Cre: Allkpop

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