Super Junior’s Kibum Gets Cast in a Drama

7 Jul

The PD for the upcoming drama “A Deep-Rooted Tree”, Hwang Giyong, recently revealed that Super Junior member Kibum has been cast as Park Paengyeon in the drama. He has yet to film for the drama but will do soon.

The drama is based on Lee Jeongyeong’s historical mystery novel that has the sanem name. It takes place in the Jib Hyeonjeon during the seven days before the official proclamation of the newly created Korean Alphabet. Its a mystery surrounding a murder conspiracy in the palace due to the opposition of the introduction of Hangul. The novel was published in ’06 and has been dubbed the “Korean Da Vinci Code”.

The drama will begin to air on September 28, following the ending of “City Hunter” and the upcoming drama “Protect the Boss”.

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via: Gokpop

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