ZE:A’s manager tweets a photo of Hyungshik’s ankle injury

7 Jul

In June, it was reported that ZE:A’s Hyungshik fell over the guard railing on a yacht during the group’s album photoshoot. Now it has been reported that Hyungshik has run into trouble yet again and has injured his ankle. On July 7th, ZE:A’s manager tweeted photos of his ankle injury, surprising fans.

The photo was taking during the shooting of the music video for ZE:A’s title song “Watch Out!” and a staff member is wrapping a bandage around Hyungshik’s ankle to help with his ankle pain. 

An official from Star Empire said, “For the time being, he needs to be resting at the hospital, however, Hyungshik has shown a strong commitment to work and not make the people around him worried. They are working on their comeback with the staff harder than ever before. Hopefully, there will be no more bad news ensuing from this situation and that we will all work on good results together.”

Hyungshik is also starting to prepare for the first rehearsal for his debut musical “Temptation of Wolves” with Super Junior’s Ryeowook. “Temptation of Wolves” is set to be performed starting on July 12th at COEX Art Hall in Seoul.

ZE:A will release their special single “Exciting!” on July 8th.

Source: Newsen

via Koreaboo

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