Super Junior Became a General Trend of Drama OST Industry as well!

19 Jul

Super Junior Became a General Trend of Drama OST Industry as well!

Singing Main Theme for Two Dramas which will be Aired at the Same Time, ‘Warrior Baek DongSoo’ and ‘Spy Myeongwol’! Both Songs to be Released on the 18th at Twelve at Night!

Super Junior, who has been leading the Korean Wave all over the world, became a general trend in the industry of drama OST as well.

Members of Super Junior Yesung and Ryeowook are singing main themes for each of two rival dramas called ‘SBS Warrior Baek Dongsoo’ and ‘KBS Spy Myeongwol.’ More importantly, both dramas are scheduled to be aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at the same time.

The main theme song of ‘Warrior Baek Dongsoo’, ‘단 하루만’ is a ballad song sung by Yesung and co-composed by music director ChulHo Choi, HyunIl Seo and co-written by HyunIl Seo, SeongEon Lee. The song became a masterpiece by expressing the tragic destiny and sorrowful relationship between Baek DongSoo(Ji ChangWook) and YeoWoon(Yoo SeungHo) with the oriental melody and Yesung’s sophisticated and sentimental voice.

OST production company officials revealed his expectation by saying that “The sad-feeling chorus of Yesung upgrades the beauty of images and makes perfect harmony with the story that will unfold in the future. So the drama is also expected to receive more love.”

Also, the main theme song of ‘Spy Myongwol,’ ‘더 사랑한다면’ is a joint work by famous composer DoHoon Kim, HyunSeung Lee and lyricist KabWon Choi. It’s a smooth and sad ballad song with lyrical melody and beautiful tune.

Especially, since the lyric talks about the sorrows of parting and longing, Ryeowook perfectly expressed the sad lyric with his androgynous voice and restrained emotions. This is why the song is expected to attract the attention of music fans as well as drama fans.

Moreover, Yesung’s ‘단 하루만’ and Ryeowook’s ‘더 사랑한다면’ has been holding music fans’ attention by being released on the 18th (today) through various music websites such as Melon, Dosirak, Bugs etc, so more enthusiastic responses are expected.

Meanwhile, Yesung and Ryeowook are scheduled to meet TV viewers through the OST of ‘Warrior Baek Dongsoo’ and ‘Spy Myeongwol’ which will be aired on this week’s episodes.

Source: SMTOWN@Facebook

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