T-ara thanked SNSD for paving the way in Japan

29 Jul

T-ara’s Hyomin, JiYeon and EunJung were featured on TV YTN ‘News and Issue – Issue and People’ aired on July 29th.

EunJung said, “Since we’ll be debuting in Japan, I think we need to have rookie’s attitude. From the beginning, we have to go forward step by step.”

The anchor then asked, “Do you feel pressured by SNSD who debuted first?”

To this, Hyomin replied, “We actually feel more thankful than pressured. I think they relieved some pressure off us.”

She added, “Because of that, we are also getting more interest and expectation from people so I think we will be able to do well.”

EunJung added, “Rather, we are thankful to the public for their interest in Kpop.”

Meanwhile, during the broadcast of the program, they also said, “Today, July 29th is the 2nd anniversary of our debut and we hope to be no.1 on a music show as our present.”

Credit: tvreport.co.kr

via fanwonder

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