MBC’s You’ve Fallen For Me PD unlikely to resume directing

1 Aug

MBC’s You’ve Fallen For Me has had some behind-the-scenes change-ups recently, notably with its director switching to writer status, and it looks like that change — initially deemed merely short-term — is going to stick. PD Pyo Min-su hasn’t returned to the set since leaving it, and producers say that it’s not likely that he’ll be able to return to directing.

Pyo switched roles after Episode 4 of the drama had been shot, in an effort to tighten up what audiences called a scattered plot. He was originally only planning to stay in that position until a newly added scriptwriter got situated and the story stabilized. From audience reaction, it seems the tactic worked in improving the story, even if it didn’t revive the flagging ratings.

I wonder if this means the scriptwriters aren’t working out. Pyo’s role isn’t so strange to those of us familiar with American television production — he’s the showrunner (head honcho who oversees the writer’s room, with final say over creative choices and a hand in steering the direction, even if he doesn’t do the directing himself) — but it’s a situation unfamiliar in the K-drama system, and as a result there are a lot of confused and even over-dramatic media reports about the shaky status of this series.

Granted, You’ve Fallen For Me has been hit with a few setbacks, so I can see why people are nervous. On top of the writing issues, there was Park Shin-hye‘s car accident, which required some script adjustments so that she could continue to film without stressing her injury. But I wouldn’t go so far as to call this production beleaguered (that’s a little dramatic — it ain’t no Poseidon).

PD Pyo has kept his comments careful, stating that he may still return to the director’s chair, even if it’s unclear when he thinks that’ll be. Currently, the shooting is split between three teams, under the watch of two other directors.

Alas, ratings are not doing so hot; this week’s Episodes 8 and 9 netted a 6.5% and a 5.0%, respectively.

Via TV Report

Cre: Dramabeans

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