TVXQ appears in Japanese current affairs magazine, talks about the secret to success in Japan

16 Dec

The issue of Japanese current affairs magazine “President” published on December 12th featured an interview with TVXQ. As a current affairs magazine, the readers of “President” are primarily businessmen, so having pop idols appear in an interview was a rare occurrence.

Changmin talked about the charm of TVXQ, by commenting, “We bring the unique qualities of Koreans and naturally blend it with the Japanese culture that we have worked hard to learn.” Yunho emphasized hard work being the key factor for success.

Also, TVXQ was asked to select a word related to their success for Japan in 2012, to which they selected the word “Growth.” They explained, “Next year, we want to show our growth, to thank Japan for all the support that has been given to us so far.”

TVXQ will be making their 3rd appearance in the “62nd NHK Kouhaku Utagassen” this year.

Source: Newsen and dongbangdata

via Koreaboo

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