13,000 fans gather for the finale of CNBLUE’s Winter Tour in Japan

19 Dec

CNBLUE held a series of concerts to commemorate the release of their debut Japanese single “In My Head,” titled the “CNBLUE Winter Tour 2011~Here, In My Head~” and its finale in Tokyo’s Yoyogi First Gymnasium attracted 13,000 fans. 

With their debut Japanese single “In My Head” ranked 4th on the Oricon daily charts, recording sales of over 100,000 copies, rock band CNBLUE made quite an impact on Japan. With the success of their single, they held the “CNBLUE Winter Tour 2011~Here, In My Head” which concluded at the Yoyogi First Gymnasium.

Tickets for this concert were sold out within 1 minute of its release, showing the massive popularity of CNBLUE, and on the day of the concert, fans arrived at around 10AM and created a snaking queue for concert goods, showing their passion towards the group.

The concert began with an original intro by guitarist and lead vocal, Yonghwa. As the members took to the stage, the crowds cheered loudly, raising the atmosphere of the concert as they performed their first track “Now or Never” and kicked off the show.

The cheers reached their peak as CNBLUE performed their hit songs “LOVE” and “Intuition” and the crowds raised their hands in unison. After that was a talk session, where the members of CNBLUE said that they gained much energy from the great food that they had in various places for the concert.”

After that, the members ran through the audience, moving to the sub-stage behind the seats, and did an acoustic corner that was reminiscent of street lives that were done during their indie days. They said, “We used to hold many street lives with less instruments at Yoyogi Park, which is just beside this location. Let’s remember those times. To be standing on the stage of Yoyogi First Gymnasium, which we longed to do during that time, is really touching. As usual, we would begin our street lives with ‘Let’s go crazy’,” and performed the song. Following that, they performed a series of rock songs and finally did their new single “In My Head,” with flames shooting from the stage and 13,000 people singing along, ending the main portion of their concert.

For the encore stage, CNBLUE performed one chorus of their 2nd single “Where You Are” which is to be released on February 1, 2012, as a surprise present to the audience. Then, they ended the concert with “Try Again, Smile Again,” a song which bears a message of support for the disaster-stricken areas of the Tohoku Earthquake.

In total, CNBLUE performed 25 songs and this performance which they had “bet everything on” thrilled the 13,000 fans that came, leaving a strong message for their first tour since their major debut in Japan.

CNBLUE completed their final indie live in September of this year in the Yokohama area, and said, “We are really happy about our major debut. We want to perform with the same feelings as we have during our indies times.” For this live performance, they maintained their attitudes, but scaled up their performances and showed growth in terms of magnitude.

“CNBLUE Winter Tour 2011~Here, In My Head~” Set List
1. “Now or Never”
2. “Voice”
3. “Never Too Late”
4. “Love Revolution”
5. “LOVE”
6. “Intuition”
7. “Tattoo”
8. “Man In Front of the Mirror”
9. “Mr. KIA (Know It All)”
10. “I Don’t Know Why”
11. “Kimio”
12. “Let’s Go Crazy”
13. “Love Light”
14. “Teardrops in the Rain”
15. “a.ri.ga.tou”
16. “Y,Why…”
17. “Rain of Blessing”
18. “Illusion”
19. “Just Please”
20. “One Time”
21. “In My Head”

22. “I’m A Loner”
24. “Where You Are”
25. “Try Again, Smile Again”

Source: Excite Music

Cre: Koreaboo

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