2PM’s Nichkhun Gains Wax Fame

19 Dec

It was revealed on the 16th of December by a representative at JYP Entertainment that a life-like model of Nichkhun has been displayed at Madam Tussaudes in Bangkok since the 29th of November.

Madam Tussaudes is famous for creating life sized wax replicas of many celebrities, including Lady Gaga, Patrick Swayze, Johnny Depp, and President Obama. These lifelike replicas are figured to cost approximately $150,000 USD each.

This list now includes Nichkhun, a member of 2PM, who is one of only two Hallyu stars to have the honor of being selected, the other being actor Bae Yongjoon.

Although Nichkhun was unable to attend the launch due to scheduling difficulties from 2PM’s extensive promotion, he did create a special video for the museum.

Source: Soompi and JYP Entertainment’s Facebook

cre Koreaboo

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