Cho PD teases Block B’s comeback MV

19 Dec

Though Block B’s comeback date hasn’t been officially revealed yet, it might be closer than they originally planned as both the mini album and the title track’s music video have already been completed. The members revealed this through an interview with “Most Wanted” earlier this week.

Cho PD tweeted an interesting comment earlier this week, revealing that BBC, Block B’s fanclub, should get ready. “Get ready y’all 슬슬 준비하세요 (start to get ready) BBC”. He also attached a series of three pictures, teasing what seemed to be the music video through these screen caps.

While Cho PD’s teaser doesn’t seem to be revealing anything, you can get hints of two different teasers as well as a full music video and their length. The first two teasers as 16 and 31 seconds each, while the full music video seems to have a length of 4 minutes.

Source: @peedeebaby and bontheblock

via Koreaboo

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