Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun chosen as the most “Healthy and Neat” female celebrity

19 Dec

Last month, a survey was opened on November 20th and lasted until December 16th. The survey was asked about the most “healthy and neat” looking female celebrity. The results were released today and none other than Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun came out on top. She came in first place with 53% of the votes. 

During a recent episode of the variety show “Happy Together,” the members of Girls’ Generation were special guests. On this episode, Seohyun’s fellow members explained about Seohyun by talking about various topics such as her daily life. They revealed that Seohyun loved meditating which gained her a special nickname “Holy Seohyun.” Shortly after, they continued with how Seohyun’s music player was filled with songs such as “Ripples” and “Rain Forest.” The members than later shared a story where they wanted music for stretching and Seohyun put some on. A few seconds later, they realized the music was all birds chirping.

This side of Seohyun was very different from the usually sophisticated, sexy, charismatic maknae that fans see during performances. Seohyun is also a very calm and peaceful individual. Currently, Girls’ Generation is promoting their follow-up track, “Mr. Taxi.” Tonight they performed their follow-up stage of “Mr. Taxi” on Inkigayo.

Source: Soshified and TV Daily

via Koreaboo

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