KARA, TVXQ and Girls’ Generation reign the yearly Oricon Charts for 2011

19 Dec

With top Japanese groups such as AKB48, their sister groups and Johnny’s boy groups such as Arashi, the yearly Oricon got lots of competition for Korean pop acts to try and get into the list of 100 most sold singles and albums of the year.

The singles chart features no less than 14 releases by Kpop groups, including three singles by KARA, three by TVXQ as well as various other groups. Actor, and occasional singer Jang Geunsuk appeared in the list as the odd one out, seeing as he has only release one single in the country, yet made it to the top 30th best sold singles of 2011.

The kpop releases in the Oricon album chart are dominated by Girls’ Generation, KARA and TVVQ, all three of them reaching top spots for their last album releases. While SHINee and BEAST’s first full length albums make an appearance at the bottom of the top 100 releases, it’s KARA and Girls’ Generation who really shocked the music business by not only ranking with their latest release but with albums that are over a year old as well, for KARA, and a Korean release, for Girls’ Generation.

What was your favorite Jpop release by a Kpop group in the past year?

16. TVXQ – Why? (Keep Your Head Down)
25. KARA – Go Go Summer! (06/29)
26. KARA – Rollercoaster Love (04/06)
29. Jang Geunsuk – Let Me Cry (04/27)
41. TVXQ – Superstar (07/20)
46. Girls’ Generation – Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run (04/27)
54. TVXQ – Winter ~Winter Rose/Duet~ (11/30)
64. KARA – Winter Magic (10/19)
66. SHINee – Replay ~You Are My Everything~ (06/22)
84. 2PM – Ultra Lover (11/02)
85. Super Junior – Mr. Simple (12/07)
91. 2PM – I’m Your Man (08/17)
96. CNBLUE – In My Head (10/19)
97. T-ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep (09/28)

05. Girls’ Generation – Girls’ Generation (06/01)
07. KARA – Super Girl (11/23)
20. TVXQ – Tone (09/28)
22. KARA – Girl’s Talk (2010/11/24)
63. Big Bang – Big Bang 2 (05/11)
71. KARA – KARA BEST 2007-2010 (2010/09/29)
87. BEAST – SO BEAST (08/10)
92. SHINee – THE FIRST (12/07)
95. Girls’ Generation – The Boys (11/05)

Source: Yearly Singles and Albums

cre: Koreaboo

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