Fat Cat’s MV teaser for “Is Being Pretty Everything” gets 500,000 clicks in a mere 3 days

5 Jan

Fat Cat has become a hot topic due to her second single music video teaser getting 500,000 views since its release three days ago.

The singer is expected to make an exceptional comeback after her music video teaser for “Is Being Pretty Everything” recorded a total of 500,000 views since it was released on January 3rd.

The video, that has her showing off her white skin and posing like a cosmetics model, is currently receiving 466,000 views on Daum’s TV Pot, and 500,000 views on Nate’s Video Corner. Further interest is surrounding the singer due to her music video teaser having 150,000 views just on the first day of its’ release.

A representative from her agency explained the reason for Fat Cat’s increasing popularity as, “At the time of her debut, she caught people’s attention with her red hair, strong choreography, and a shocking and mysterious visual. But this time around, she is showing a close up of her bold face and natural hairstyle. I think people are gaining interest because of her transition into a pleasantly simple image“.

Meanwhile, on January 6th, Fat Cat will be releasing her second single album “Is Being Pretty Everything” on various online music sites and will be making a comeback broadcast

Source: Allkpop

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