Geeks rank #3 on Cyworld’s yearly chart

5 Jan

Rookie hip hop duo Geeks ranked #3 on Cyworld‘s yearly chart for 2011 with their song, “Officially Missing You”.

The music industry in 2011 was dominated by songs from various survival music programs such as ‘I Am a Singer’ and ‘Superstar K3′, as well as from large music agencies and TV show/movie OSTs. As such, Geeks’ achievement is quite impressive, since they’re a rookie group with no background.

1st place went to Hyun Bin for “That Man” (‘Secret Garden’ OST), while 2nd place went to IU for“Someday” (‘Dream High’ OST). B2ST took 4th with “On Rainy Days”, while 5th, 6th, and 7th went to songs from the ‘Infinity Challenge’ OST (Park Myung Soo & G-Dragon‘s “I Cheated” came in at 5th).

Geek’s agency, Grand Line Entertainment, stated, “This is a result obtained by word of mouth only, through their music and small performances — in short, without any special broadcast appearances. In the reality of music industry today, it’s not always the case that good music is a hit, so for this result to be achieved is way beyond our expectations… We will do our best in 2012 to bring you good music from Grand Line.”

Source: Allkpop

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