Han Sooyeon features in Dynamic Duo’s new “Without You” MV

5 Jan

After releasing their sixth album on January 4th, Dynamic Duo‘s title track “Without You”immediately achieved an all-kill on various music charts. The eight-minute drama-like MV especially received high attention from netizens everywhere. Fans have been curious about who the mysterious female lead could be.

Choiza and Gaeko attempted traditional drama acting for the very first time for the video, and the name of the woman who both Choiza and Gaeko are in love with is Han Sooyeon. She plays the role of a kind-hearted female, and she is reportedly being applauded for well-guiding the two rookie actors in the MV.

Han Sooyeon studied Theater & Art at SungKyunKwan University, and featured in MVs like Rain‘s “Sad Tango“, Wonder Girls‘ “Irony“, Rich‘s “I Can Only Say I Love You“, and Bang Yong Guk‘s “I Remember“. They were all rookies at the time of her MV appearance, and these rookies all became top stars. Hence, Han Sooyeon is being coined the ‘Goddess of Luck’.

The actress who has taken on roles for movies like ‘Can’t Hold Back‘, ‘Moby Dick‘ and more has recently joined TS Entertainment, home to artists such as SecretUntouchableBang Yong GukB.A.P, and comedian Son Hun Soo.

Source: Allkpop

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