Nine Muses’ Kyung Li was a former back-dancer for Chae Yeon

5 Jan

Nine Muses introduced their newest member Kyung Li recently, and avid fans of the group immediately began digging up information on her past.

Kyung Li was discovered to have been a back-dancer for numerous stars, including female soloist Chae Yeon. Screencaps of Kyung Li’s performances with Chae Yeon were posted online, and netizens exclaimed that with looks like hers, it was only a matter of time before she debuted as a celebrity in her own right.

They commented, “It seems pretty obvious why she would be called a ‘ulzzang’ dancer“, “She has as much charm as the actual celebrity” and “It’s amazing how fans keep such old pictures of her“.

In related news, the members of Nine Muses are preparing to make their comeback next week with their new mini-album.

Source & Photo: Naver

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