Six Bomb to debut without YoonA’s friend, Subin

5 Jan

Earlier, we reported that YoonA‘s best friend Subin would be making a debut with a girl group namedSix Bomb.

Concept photos of the group have finally dropped along with unfortunate news that Subin will not be debuting with the group due to an accident.

When asked why they only have five members when their name is ‘Six Bomb’, the girls replied, “Our team was originally named ‘Six Bomb’ to create a bomb in the industry with our six individual charms. However, member Subin recently fell down the stairs and injured her leg, and wasn’t able to join the final team.”

They continued, “Since we’re now five members, we wondered whether we should change our name to ‘Five Bomb’ but we felt that ‘Six’ sounded better and agreed to keep the name.”

“Whether Subin will be joining us in the future when she recovers from her injury is up to the agency so we don’t know any details regarding that. Regardless, we hope wish her a speedy recovery.”

The agency revealed that although Subin’s upset for being injured right before her debut, she will be focusing on her recovery for the time being.

Six Bomb will be making their debut with ‘Chicky Chicky Bomb‘ on January 27th.

Source + Photos: TV Report

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