T-ara’s Hyomin pens a handwritten letter to fans

5 Jan

T-ara‘s Hyomin has revealed a ‘laundry letter’ she wrote for the new year.

On January 2nd, Hyomin posted a picture of the letter through her Twitter, along with the caption, “It’s a new year laundry letter.” The first picture showed a handwritten letter Hyomin wrote to her fans, which was clipped to a hanger as if it were laid out to dry.

When fans replied that the letter was too difficult to read, Hyomin uploaded another picture and said,“Again again. You have to read it before it completely dries. Is it still hard to read?”

In the letter, Hyomin looked back at the past year, stating, “I feel like we’ve been running without rest in 2011, promoting ‘Roly Poly‘ and ‘Cry Cry‘, advancing into Japan, and participating in a drama, movie and musical.”

She added, “Because we are also human, when we are overwhelmed with work and exert a lot of energy, we, of course, get exhausted.”

Hyomin strongly recommended several books that she’s read to her fans’ about overcoming hardships and introduced her latest read, How to Take Advantage of the Miracle of Time.

She finished off by stating, “I wrote this card to deliver my thankful heart to those who cheered me on and to send my sincerity just as they have given me encouragement and cheer. This year, too, I wish that you all will stay on track, be safe, stay healthy, and live without trouble.”

Meanwhile, T-ara has kicked off their promotions for “Lovey Dovey” on January 3rd with the release of their album, ‘Funky Town‘.

Source: Seoul via Nate

One Response to “T-ara’s Hyomin pens a handwritten letter to fans”

  1. rirou06papillion January 5 2012 at 01:51 #

    komawo Hyomin unni!!

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