After School’s UEE & Lee Jang Woo become Music Bank’s official new MCs

6 Jan

On January 6th, After School‘s UEE and actor Lee Jang Woo held a press conference to formally introduce themselves as the new MCs of KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘.

As per tradition for new MCs, the two will be performing a special collaboration stage together. Although UEE’s known for her singing career with After School, not many know that Lee Jang Woo is actually an outstanding vocalist, having once promoted as a singer in the group ‘24/7‘.

For their collaboration, composer Shinsadong Tiger came up with a special hit track for them, which will be heard later today once the show airs.

Reporters asked Lee Jang Woo what he thought of working with UEE. “She’s known for being a goddess, so I was really excited at being able to work with her,” he said. “I couldn’t even fall asleep last night. I was originally a fan of her’s, so this is a great opportunity.”

When asked to compare her charms to T-ara‘s Eunjung, he replied, “How could I dare to compare them? I’ll be a loyal husband to Eunjung and do my best as a ‘Music Bank’ MC with UEE.”

UEE cheered on her fellow ‘Five Girls‘ groupmates during the interview (‘Five Girls’ is a disbanded girl group that had UEE, G.NAWonder Girls‘ Yubin, upcoming rookie Jiwon, and SECRET‘s Hyosung).

“During the two weeks I was a special MC on ‘Music Bank’, I was able to introduce the Wonder Girls, which Yubin is a member of. This time, I believe Jiwon will make her debut through SPICA, and I’d love to introduce her myself. A lot of wonderful artists are making their comebacks in 2012, and just the fact that I can be there and watch it all is amazing in itself. Please also look forward to After School’s comeback!”

The two concluded, “We’re really nervous, especially since it’s live, and we believe mistakes are inevitable, but please watch over us cutely.”

 Source: Everyday EconomyStar N News via Naver

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