Former ‘Five Girls’ members Yubin and Yang Ji Won reunite

6 Jan

Former members of the disbanded group Five GirlsYubin and Yang Jiwon, have reunited for the first time in a while.

On January 6th, the Wonder Girls member tweeted, “The first time in a long time that the three of us got together!!! Jiwon, Yubin, and Mark PD-nim~

In the photo, Yubin is seen posing affectionately with Yang Jiwon, who is currently preparing for her debut with upcoming girl group SPICA.

Five Girls were meant to debut back in 2007, but due to their agency’s sudden deterioration of finances, they ended up being a disbanded, star-studded group. Afterwards, Yubin, UEEG.NA, and Hyosung all debuted with their respective agencies. As for Yang Jiwon, she withdrew from T-ara before their debut but decided to pursue her dream with SPICA.

SPICA is a girl group from Lee Hyori‘s agency, and the star herself will help support the girls in their debut. Jiwon and four other girls will be releasing their single ”Potently” on January 10th.

Source + Photo: Yubin’s Twitter

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