L.A.’s Korean Music Festival announces concert date and ticket sales

6 Jan

Drawing thousands of fans each year to the Hollywood Bowl in L.A., the Korea Times Music Festival(‘KMF‘) is one of the most anticipated K-Pop concerts in the world.

On January 5th, organizers of the KMF announced that their 2012 concert will be held on April 28th, and that tickets will go on sale on January 21st at 10 a.m. PST.

Tickets can be purchased from the Korea Times Ticket Office (located in the lobby) at 4525 Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, or online at koreanmusicfestival.com.

Last year, the KMF concert lineup consisted of G.NAU-KISSSISTARDJ DOCSECRETK.WillJay Park, and 4minute. Though the lineup for 2012 has yet to be revealed, it’s certain to hold some fan favorites and big name acts.

Who do you want to see perform at the KMF this year?

Source + Image: Korea Times Music Festival’s Facebook

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