TEEN TOP encourages fans to listen to “Going Crazy”

6 Jan

Earlier today, TEEN TOP made their first comeback performance of “Going Crazy” on Mnet‘s M! Countdown. Prior to their performance, TEEN TOP members L. JoeNiel, and Chunji posted photos on TEEN TOP’s official me2day account encouraging their fans to listen to their new song.

On January 5th, L. Joe, the star of the “Going Crazy” music video posted,

Our Angels who have come to cheer us on since the early morning, despite the cold weather, are the best!!!

Following behind L. Joe, Niel posted,

To all our Angels~ You are listening to ‘Going Crazy’ right!? This is the start of Teen Top’s new image!!! Watch our live performance today!!!

Lastly, Chunji posted,

Now we’ve kept our promise that we made with you Angels!!! You are all listening to ‘Going Crazy’ while waiting for our comeback stage right?? No way, there are people who aren’t listening to it!!! Listen to the song now!!! You promised~

In the pictures, L. Joe, Niel, and Chunji portray various emotions with their facial expressions.

Fans commented, “TEEN TOP who is working hard, despite the cold weather, is the best!” “I watched the live performance, you were all so handsome!” and “Of course I am listening to the song right now!

 Source: TEEN TOP’s me2day

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