Wonder Girls’ Sunye gets noticed for her refined manners

6 Jan

Wonder Girls‘ leader Sunye previously gained headlines for her caring heart and strong leadership byswitching out an unstable chair belonging to her groupmate for her own on stage

The idol gained the nickname, ‘Angel heart’, after a photoset of her bowing a full 90-degrees spread like wildfire on the web.

The images are from the Wonder Girls’ debut period in 2007, and Sunye can be seen bowing formally to thank the audience for their attention after each performance. Other photosets aside from the one shown above were also shared online, and they show that even five years later, Sunye continues to bow in the same way to the audience.

Touched by her refined manners, netizens praised the star for her humble heart. “Truly, a great celebrity and a perfect role model”, “She really does the ‘leader’ title proud”, and “Proud to be a Wonderful!“, they wrote.

Source & Photo: Nate

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