Drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” gathering high interest

7 Jan

On January 4th, the first episode of MBC’s new Wednesday/Thursday drama “The Moon Embracing the Sun” aired, gaining lots of popularity.This popularity is centered around the four flower boys:Woon who has great swordsmanship skills, Yangmyung who has a great pain in his heart, Heoyeom and Lee Hwon.

Furthermore, the actor who plays Lee Hwon as a child is Yeo Jinku, who has acted in popular pieces like the 2005 movie “Sad Movie”, and in dramas like “Iljimae,” “Ja Myunggo,” “Giant” and “Deep Rooted Tree,” causing there to be greater interest and greater expectations for the drama.

Furthermore, Lee Minho (not the one from Boys Over Flowers), acting as the role of child Prince Yangmyung, has also acted in popular products like “Thorn Birds” and “High Kick 1,” adding to the interest level.

Lim Siwan from the popular idol group ZE:A is also acting in this drama as a mysterious swordsman, dragging in more interest.

As a reaction to the hot topic 4 Flower Boys of this drama, netizens left comments like, “How can we wait one week for the next episode?”

Meanwhile, this drama is about a love story between King Lee Hwon, who is acted by Kim Soohyun from “Dream High,” and Han Gain from “Bad Guy.”

Source: Newsway

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