Girls Day’s Minah late greeting of Happy New Year

7 Jan

Ddiroring *_* (It’s a ringing sound like Ding Dong)
Hello, this is Minah!!!
As late as it may seem….!!! I wish you a happy~ new year of the Dragon. >3< ~~~~~~~~
Hehe I’m writing this message while moving to another place after finishing outside scenes of Vampire Idol~!!! Kuku it’s now brought to you live by correspondent Minah?!

Did you all eat your rice cake soup? Unfortunately I was unable to eat any of it. ㅠㅠ *weep weep* I was anxious to eat it..!! We’re eagerly waiting to see you~ as much as our Dai5y family does, counting down days on our fingers~ practicing dance hard enough to get cramped muscles, so please wait a bit longer!!
Now that I turned twenty, I’ll make more efforts in my 20s heehee.^__^
Dear Daisy family!!!!! Minah wishes you a new year full of happy things!!
Everyone please don’t forget, don’t forget to watch Vampire Idol live at 8pm while having dinner with your beloved family members~~!!
-From Minah who is eager to see our (Dai5y) family as early as possible-
Translated by Senavix
source: Dai5y cafe

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