Kim Hyunjoong releases Japanese debut album jacket photos for “Kiss Kiss / Lucky Guy”

7 Jan

After signing a contract with Universal Music Japan in November 2011, Kim Hyunjoong has released three jacket photos for his Japanese debut single album, using a variety of colors for each version to be released.Version A’s jacket cover uses a mixture of whites and light colors along with Hyunjoong’s intense charm to create a more dreamy atmosphere. The other two jacket covers take a slightly different approach using a dark red and green to highlight Hyunjoong’s sexy side.

The single album that is due to be released on the 25th of January will include the title tracks “Kiss Kiss” and “Lucky Guy” as well as Japanese versions of the previously released “Break Down” and “U”. The theme song from the “Smile Project (Hohoemi Project)” event held in 2010 by Kim Hyunjoong will also be included on the CD.

Kim Hyunjoong has already shown his popularity in Japan with his mini-albums that were released in Korea last yearreaching #1 on Japan’s Western music category for the Oricon charts and completed a national tour in November 2011.

A representative of Hyunjoong’s company, Key East Entertainment, commented that “Before Kim Hyunjoong made his debut in Japan, the showcases and events that were held for the fans have helped to form a solid fan base in the country.”

“Kiss Kiss/Lucky Guy” will be released on the the 25th of January through Universal Music Japan.

Which is your favorite jacket cover?
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Source: MyDailyUniversal Music Japan

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