Shin Min Chul & N-Sonic will come to Jakarta, Indonesia + Min Chul’s schedule

7 Jan

Jakarta – One more Korean idol will come to Indonesia. Shin Min Chul, leader of T-Max who had just decided to disband will come to Jakarta, Indonesia on January 11.

Min Chul will take a part in 17th Indosiar anniversary celebration. In the event titled ‘Semarak 1 Tu7uan‘, there were also new rookie KPop boyband, N. Sonic.

“Now KPop being a fever, we affirm this as well as a television station to continues airing the Korean dramas, because from the beginning we already strong in Asia and Korean drama,” said Manager of Division Acquisition Ayi Farid in a press conference in Indosiar studio, West Jakarta, Wednesday (01/04/2012).

Min Chul already planning his returns to come to Indonesia since a week ago. He asked about what foods to be tasted during he visit to Indonesia.

“Tell me!!! Indonesian food!!!” asked Min Chul in his personal Twitter.

In addition, this special event will also feature The Changchuters, SM*SH, Cherrybelle, 7Icons, Vierra, D’Bagindas, Armada, Indah Dewi Pertiwi, Vidi Aldiano, Syahrini, Pee Wee Gaskins, Killing Me Inside, Trio MacanUya Kuya, Ridho Rhoma, Agung Hercules, Noorman Kamaru, and Budi Doremi.

Min Chul will visit Indonesia for 4 days from January 10, 2012-January 13, 2012. He wrote on his twitter:


Hi~ Indonesia Black peals~
I will go to Indonesia on January
See you on January 10 !!

He also will come as the guest star with N-Sonic to the battle event titled ‘KPop VS IPop‘ at SCTV.

Boyband and Girlband fever in Indonesia! It because an effect of Korean Wave in Indonesia. So, how if Korean music VS Indonesian music? KPOP VS IPOP?

Not intent to compare both, SCTV will hold a special event for us.

This event will be held LIVE at Penta Studio Jakarta by SCTV in the program title ‘Special Music “IPop VS KPop”‘. Who will be the guest star? Shin Min Chul (T-Max *disband*) and N-Sonic (Neo Sonic-J.Heart, Jonguk, Byeol, Eunho, and Black J) from KPop. The boys are debuted on the first of October 2011 with their single ‘Superboy‘.

And from IPop with Indonesian boybands and girlbands are 7 Icons, Hitz, Fame, Super9Boyz, XO-IX, BE5T, Princess, and 6 Starz.

Check Min Chul’s schedule in Jakarta, Indonesia below:


2012. Jan. 10th ~ 13th

1) 1st day:

– Arrive on Jakarta

2) 2nd day

– Indosiar’s Hitzteria @ 09.30 WIB (Indonesian Time)

– Live show for 17th Indosiar anniversary celebration ‘Semarak 1 Tu7uan’ @ 20.00 WIB (Indonesian Time)

3) 3rd day:

SCTV’s Inbox @ 07.00 WIB (Indonesian Time)

– SCTV’s KPop VS IPop (Indonesian Pop) @ 17.30 WIB (Indonesian Time)

N-Sonic’s MV



Tabloid Bintang + Maria Catharina Christa @ T-MAX INDONESIA

Translated by Tyas Park @ / @tyasunghae with edited

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