4minute’s HyunA & B2ST’s Hyun Seung support to Indosiar’s Galaxy Superstar

8 Jan

Trouble Maker‘s Hyuna (4minute) and Hyun Sseung (B2ST) has achieved top positions in many charts, and now they more commonly known as the Hits Maker. In Soribada website, Trouble Maker popularized by Hyuna and Hyun Seung placed in no. 1 for4 weeks on December. This song  still stayed in big 3 on the weekly charts after it released on December 1st.

And their Producer Kim Do Hun will come to Indonesia to search the talented peoples through event called GALAXY SUPERSTAR in Indosiar (Indonesian tv station). Kim Jin Woo who produced Lee Ji Hoon, Jang Na Ra, Leeds, Lee Jae Jin, Seo young Eun, Shin Hwa, Park Wan Gyu, Lee Ji Hye, and many more.

Galaxy Superstar is really different from the other audition to search talented peoples. For the assessment and elimination, they don’t use SMS (Short Message Service) voting, but it’s pure from the judge-jury judgments.

“We don’t use SMS voting. The assessment is pure from the juries. So, juries can eliminate the contestants.”

Galaxy Superstar audition is not only looking for the winner and then finished. But, there is mission behind this talent search. The winners of Galaxy Superstar can be a professional singer and will be made album directly from the Korean musicians.

“There are big points, we see their talent and for the long term to be a professional singer.” (sen)

Translated by Tyas Park @ soeulmateskoreanaddicts.wordpress.com / @tyasunghae

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